Avivavisas is not affiliated with any government organisation. We are a UK registered company providing assistance to members of the public in applying for a visa.

Our charges will not be implemented if you apply directly to the respective Consulates. For further information, please click on the embassy links on the relevant country’s page. You can also view the price charts here.

We provide professional and friendly one-to-one dedicated and systematic consultation to ascertain our clients meet the prerequisite of the embassy and to avoid being refused or undergo unnecessary delays. Our service includes booking the necessary appointments, and verifying and preparing documents. We can also be instructed to attend embassies, collect, post and deliver visas on behalf of our clients. Please note additional postage and packaging fees may apply if you want us to post. This service is made to save you time and unnecessary pressure.

Click here to view the details of Government Embassies.

Spouse UK / EU / Irish Nationals

Below are the requirements for Spouse UK / EU / Irish Nationals:

  • You must be a UK resident permit holder and not on visitor’s visa with at least 4 months total visa validity.
    You do NOT have to book tickets/hotel for this visa.
  • Passport: containing UK visa and should be valid for more than 3 months. If your UK visa is stamped in the old passport please provide both old and new passports – no need to transfer a stamp into a new passport.
  • Passport photos: 2 coloured passport-size photos not older than one month with a WHITE background, no headwear/glasses.
  • Application form: Complete an application neatly without obvious corrections and sign TWICE, one at p.37 and again on the same page at the bottom right corner.
  • Original Spouse passport: We will require original UK / EU / Irish, passport to submit the France embassy.
  • Original marriage certificate: Kindly provide us your marriage certificate; British, Irish, South African certificates are accepted.
    * If not in English/French – must be translated and legalized with your Embassy’s stamp.
    * All non-EU marriage certificates (even those written in English, such as from India) must be stamped by their respective Embassy in the UK. South African, US, Australian and Albanian certificates are OK.
    Indian certificates are accepted if spouse’s name is printed on the back of Indian passport.
  • Payment method: Please make cheque payments payable to ‘Aviva Visa’ or by card or cash.
  • Postage: Please enclose prepaid self-addressed special delivery envelope from royal mail to return your passport or add £ 7.50.
  • Address: Our office address is Aviva Visa, Central House, 1 Ballards Lane, Finchley Central, London, N3 1LQ
  • Any questions please contact us on 020 87821161 or 07572606566 or email; info@frenchvisa.org.uk, we shall endeavor to reply you on the same day.
  • Please Note – Name on all documents should match as per name on the passport. If for any reasons there is discrepancies in the name/surname on marriage certificate or any other relevant documents please inform us so that we can advise on documentation.
  • By sending/submitting us your documents you agree to terms and conditions, available from www.frenchvisa.org.uk
  • Nationals (even though spouse of British / EU national) from the following countries takes upto 16 days to get their French Schengen visa applications processed: For all other nationalities we can do the visa processing in 3- 4 days after we receive the documents based on our slots.
Afghanistan Colombia Kuwait Nigeria Rwanda United Arab Emirates
Algeria Congo(Zaire) North Korea Niger Saudi Arabia Vietnam
Bangladesh Egypt Lebanon Oman Somalia Yemen
Belarussian Indonesia Libya Pakistan Sudan Zimbabwe
Belize Iran Mali Palestine Syria
Burma Iraq Myanmar Philippines Surnam
Burundi Jordan Morocco Qatar Tunisia

Please note we are unable to apply for anyone on a tourist visa in the UK neither can we apply for people married to French national or spouse of a French national.

We thank you for your business!