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Our charges will not be implemented if you apply directly to the respective Governments. See the price chart to the right.

We provide professional and friendly one-to-one dedicated and systematic consultation to ascertain our clients meet the prerequisite of the embassy and to avoid being refused or undergo unnecessary delays. Our service includes booking the necessary appointments, and verifying and preparing documents. We can also be instructed to attend embassies, collect, post and deliver visas on behalf of our clients. Please note additional postage and packaging fees may apply if you want us to post. This service is made to save you time and unnecessary pressure.

French Schengen Visa Requirement

Below are the requirement for French Schengen Visa

  • General 
  1. Passport with a UK visa: Should be valid for more than 3 months from date of travel
  2. 2 new colour passport size photographs
  3. Application form: The 3 page application form has to be signed TWICE; once at p.37 and again at the bottom right corner on the same page.
  4. Travel Insurance: Should at least cover the duration of stay. If insurance is provided by the bank, then an original letter from the bank on their letterhead should be submitted stating the applicant’s name and the policy number. The letter should not be older than 28 days from the date of the application.
  5. Means of Travel
    1. Return Flight/Eurostar Tickets: Internet print-outs or e-tickets
      • OR
    2. Self-drive: The driver’s registration certificate, car insurance, driving license, M. O. T., and the ferry or eurotunnel freight booking will be required.
  6. Accommodation
    1. Confirmed Hotel booking
      • OR
    2. Accommodation Sponsored by a French resident: ‘Attestation d’Accueil’.
  7. Maintenance:
    1. Original full bank statement: An original 1 month’s bank statement, showing sufficient funds to cover the period of stay.
      • OR
    2. EURO travellers’ cheques: If you are unable provide a bank statement, than please provide traveller’s cheques to the value of €60 per person per day of intended stay. Your Schengen visa will be of a shorter validity than if you provided a bank statement.
  • Spouse of EU/EEA/British National (only): 
  1. Applicant’s original passport as in p.A-1
  2. Passport size photographs as in p.A-2
  3. Spouse’s original passport
  4. Original marriage certificate
  • Work permit holders (all in A, plus): 
  1. Employed: Letter from your employer together with the most recent 3 months pay slips.
  2. Self-employed: Letter from an accountant or solicitor confirming this. The letter should not be not older than 28 days from the date of the application.

  • Business visit: Letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in France/UK on their original letterhead, stating the purpose and duration of the intended visit. The letter should not be older than 28 days from the date of application. 

  • Dependent spouse visa (all in A, plus): Letter of support from spouse stating who is paying for the trip. The letter should not be older than 28 days from the date of application.

  • Student visa holders (all in A, plus): Letter from your college or university confirming attendance. The letter should not be older than 28 days from the date of application.

  • If you are an ‘au-pair’ (all in A, plus): A letter from your host family confirming the placement and describing the arrangements, such as hours worked and pocket money details. The letter should not be older than 28 days from the date of application.

  • Minor students (younger than 18 years old)/School trips: 

  1. Original letter, recently dated, from their educational institution.
  2. Original passports of Parents
  3. Consent letter from both parents.
  4. If parents are divorced, than divorce papers along with parents’ consent letter
  • Processing Times:

    For nationals of the following countries, the French Embassy visa processing times takes between 2-3 weeks. This is regardless of your residency status in the UK; i.e. Indefinite Leave to Remain, Spouse / Dependent of a UK / EU / EEA National, etc.

Afghanistan Colombia Kuwait Oman Somalia
Algeria Congo (Zaire) North Korea Pakistan Sudan
Bangladesh Egypt Lebanon Palestine Surnam
Belarussian Indonesia Libya Syria
Belize Iran Myanmar Qatar Vietnam
Burma Iraq Nigeria Rwanda Yemen
Burundi Jordan Niger Saudi Arabia Zimbabwe
  • Payment: 
France Visa Consular Fee Our Fee Total Fee
Other Nationals £51.72 + £24.14 £40.00 + £20 (handling charge) £135.00
Spouse of EU/British National £24.14 £40.00 + £20 (handling charge) £84.14
Nationals such as Albania,Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro and Ukraine


£30.17 + £24.14 £40.00 + £20 (handling charge) £114.31

Please note Consular fees may vary due to Euro/£ conversion rate.

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